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Having to face unreasonable costs as a consequence of malfunctioning logistical processes, teaches each company the significance of management in transportation services. Is Your company - exporter or importer of goods - in search for a reliable partner, who would ensure the highest level of service in logistics?

As a company offering comprehensive solutions in commodities transport and the highest diversity of available means of transportation, we happen to be the perfect choice.

We provide You with a full range of solutions in logistics, delivery of all kinds of dispatch, no matter the size or destination.
Our Individual Solutions for Logistics in dealing with each order, guarantee punctuality, while still keeping the optimal route and time of travel, and choosing the correct type and size of vehicle to meet our customers' expectations.

The 4 Logistics team sets new standards and constantly implements new solutions - a rare quality on the market. It is our employees' task and goal to introduce transportation options to you, so as to help you reach the best decision for your company.

To ensure even wider expansion of Your business, we strive for progress in the quality of our services with systematic exchange of information.