Road freightPrint

4 logistics is an expert in managing road freight. Using the proficiency of our most reliable subcontractors who supply the equipment necessary for all kinds of products, we provide our customers with road freight across the whole of Europe.

Our employees have all the knowledge necessary to ensure that transport becomes an efficient element of the logistical mechanism as a whole; supporting both production and distribution within the company. We have years of experience in operating on a national and international market. We aim to optimize both time and cost of deliveries.

Reasons to choose 4logistics:

  • responsible decision making,
  • keeping the schedule of deliveries,
  • logistical solutions made to fit,
  • dedicated employees,
  • possibility to monitor and receive information regarding the progress of the travel and the whereabouts of the transported load,
  • competitive price policy,
  • individual approach to customer needs.

We offer:

  • full truckload freight across Poland and Europe,
  • standard tarpaulin type fleet (13.6 m trailers of various height),
  • temperature controlled cargo (refrigerated trucks 33 pal, hookloaders, double deck),
  • special commodities freight, as well as high volume transportation (mega load trucks, 100 m3 in volume and spatial sets of load capacity of 38 pal and 120m3 in volume),
  • transportation of smaller-sized loads as a part load, or a direct delivery in dedicated vehicles ( 1.5-8 ton vehicles, ranging from 8 to 17pal of load capacity),
  • national and international carriage of dangerous goods (ADR).

The combination of professionalism in shipping services, good prices and experienced team providing innovative technology, turns 4logistics into Your best choice on the path to success.