Sea freightPrint

Shipping by sea is considered to be one of the most efficient ways of transport - both exporting and importing goods - by lots of entities. Overseas freight at unlimited distances suddenly became considerably simpler and more moderately priced due to modern containers that can be easily loaded and unloaded, as well as moved around.

4 logistics offers comprehensive services in regard to shipment by sea, including full-container (FCL) and little-container (LCL), both overseas and within shortsea reach and door-to-door system in particular:

  • logistical attendance during embarkation and disembarkation,
  • ability to monitor current whereabouts of Your delivery,
  • load management with regard to third parties involved in good management (officials, container terminals, shipping lines),
  • support in dealing with paper work - shipping and customs documentation,
  • efficient collection of the load from warehouse to final receipt place (as stated by the Incoterms rules).

The network of agents across the globe, together with the team of experienced freighters, ensure the level of service, while maintaining reasonable price.