Storage and additional servicesPrint


Owing to our modern tall storage space with temperature-controlled zones and innovative systems of logistical process management, we are capable of providing best quality solutions designed to meet our clients’ individual needs. As far as warehousing is concerned, we pay special attention to optimal use of storage area. We provide warehousing for products from various sectors. Our high-security storage space is run and coordinated by highly competent staff. Our portfolio includes reloading, warehousing and all kinds of services additional to logistical service.


We are one of the largest co-packers in the country. Every year we are responsible for arranging millions of special deals of bargain sale. We work for world leaders in diverse sectors, both on the Polish and the European markets. We provide our clients with comprehensive support during each stage of completing the order, starting with counseling on material analysis, through complex IT tools and internet supervision of production, all the way to the highest level of manufacturing. For a number of years, we have been successfully fulfilling Keiretsu strategy, managing the entire logistical process of co-packing during our cooperation with one of the leaders of cosmetics on the international market. We have done a lot of investing in highly innovative machinery and specialist software. This is how we have widened the spectrum of services we carry, and broadened our competence in co-packing services.


Consolidation boosts effectiveness of logistical processes and optimizes the use of load space. We provide consolidation services using innovative procedures, always providing our clients with the most flexible solutions, easily molded to meet their individual needs.

Dynamic order picking

We own an exceptionally innovative system which enables us to load up to 30 thousand lines of various assortment per day. A system of pneumatic feeders and lifts rich with electronics, offers a possibility to complete up to three thousand cartons per day in a way close to perfection. Fault percentage does not exceed 0.5 per mille. This service is designed in particular for the companies that are in need of large numbers of parcels being prepared on schedule, in particular dealing with a big diversity of product assortment.

Returns management

Regardless of the high demand for goods on the market, it is not rare for products to be returned to the supplier for a number of reasons. Struggling to meet our clients’ needs in this area, we created a service of returns’ management, both locally and internationally.